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Newest design in my Agate Druzy Resin Ring collection - the 'Big Daddy BOLD GOLD Resin Ring'. Named so because, well, it's just a really BOLD GOLD statement ring. It is fashioned after a druzy ring I discovered which retails at $125.00. It is so much fun to be able to create in my studio what nature creates in the wild.

This special ring requires a number of pours for the numerous layers within the ring. If you love to wear rings that really make a statement and are just a lot of fun to wear - then this is the ring for you.

A combination of Caramel, Black, sparkly glass glitter and lots of quality gold leaf comprise this newest addition to ResinHeavenUSA. Your Big Daddy BOLD GOLD Resin Ring will arrive in a pretty organza bag.


Big Daddy BOLD GOLD Resin Ring

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