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Unique Modern Jewelry Lovingly Handmade...

Gorgeous pale lime green glow in the dark resin ring featuring embedded gold leaf. Most glow in the dark pieces of jewelry are stunning when they glow, however, are rather mundane when they are not. Consequently, I designed a line of glow in the dark resin jewelry that will be beautiful even when not glowing. These rings are faceted and offer tons of high end gold leaf that seems to float within the ring.

If you get a kick out of glow in the dark rings, love upscale rings and desire wearing a piece that will get you noticed...this is the ring for you. It is very difficult to photograph the glow, believe me, but the actual glow in real life is quite stunning and FUN!

Because of the high quality of the glow pigments you only have to place under a lamp for a very short period of time to charge the ring. It will then glow for a long time. You will be able to re-charge forever. Because the glow pigments are suspended forever within the jeweler's grade resin, the pigments will last forever.

Gold Kryptonite Mood Resin Ring