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This is quite a statement ring! A substantial 14x13x10mm crystal skull which flashes rainbow colors is the magical focal point of this new design. The skull crystal is absolutely beautiful and is of course, a Swarovski original. Your ring will be created with Sterling Silver Filled wire not plated. Silver filled wire is the best wire to use for rings as it will not tarnish and has more actual silver than silver plated wire. Silver plated wire when dented or scratched will show the copper wire inside - not good.
True to the legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls - this ring is as fascinating as that legendary story. A beautiful and unusual ring that you will love to wear anywhere. Sure to get you noticed
Your Swarovski Crystal ring will arrive in a pretty organza bag.
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The basic elements of the 13 crystal skulls legend is that at a pivotal time in humanity’s history, the 13 crystal skulls will be reunited to awaken a new era – transforming from an old paradigm into a new world.
Patricio Dominguez – Pueblo Spiritual Advisor: “The crystal skulls are complete depositories of knowledge and each skull contains a particular specialist area of information – like a living library [each skull is like one volume in a set of encyclopedias]. And the people who will in the future be able to ‘read’ the crystal skulls will only be able to extract all the knowledge from the skulls once they are all assembled together… Of course, the knowledge that is going to come out from the skulls is quite unimaginable to our current minds. But that it is definitely going to come out at a certain time is already foregone. It has been prophesied. But whether we humans then use that knowledge for good or for our own destruction is really down to our preparations.”

magical swarovski crystal skull ring