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Unique Modern Jewelry Loving Handmade...
Own a pair of raw stone Peacock ore earrings that are not only beautiful but will balance your chakras as well. Beautiful, original and just the right size to be worn every day. Each pair will be uniquely yours as no two will ever be exactly alike. Just the right size appropriate for work and just the right wow factor to transition to the night. Your Peacock stud healing earrings were created with only the finest of backings - gold filled posts. These are not your average ordinary raw stone earrings. I love to take a jewelry concept and put a ResinHeavenUSA spin on it. Your Peacock stones were secured to the gold-filled posts with UV resin to ensure the most secure fitting possible.
The stones range in size from 3/8"x1/4" to 5/8"x1/4". The colors include Brilliant Blues, Perfect Purples, Graceful Greens, Grateful Golds -all the colors of a Peacock. Peacock Ore is a stone of many colors. The colors can resemble the colors of a Peacock's feathers and are so fascinating to see. Not only is this stone so beautiful to look at but it actually can be very helpful. This stone has many magical properties and several helpful healing properties as well. It can prove to aid someone in ways that they probably couldn't even imagine if only you could will yourself to believe.
Healing properties of Peacock Ore include:
Protecting from negativity and removing blocks to reaching goals.
Releasing old patterns of thought and emotion, which are no longer useful.
Activating one’s inner spirit for greater spiritual growth.
Helping one to accept things as they are, at the moment.
Balancing and harmonizing the chakras.
Bornite is considered a powerful healing stone, because of its ability to align every chakra. Even when placed on one chakra, it is said to affect the other six.

If you are having a bad day or have lost the feeling of joy in your life, try wearing or carrying this stone around with you for a while!

Indulge yourself or give to a good friend. Your Peacock Healing Stud Earrings will arrive in a gorgeous organza bag. If you require one color in particular, I will do my best to accommodate you. Have fun!

Peacock Ore Healing Stud Earrings