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Starlight Pink Agate Druzy Resin Ring

  • If you love Pink - and also love to be the 'Star' in your circle - then the Starlight Pink Druzy Resin Ring is for you...or for someone you love.

    New addition to my latest line - Faux Agate Druzy Resin Rings. I have been inspired by a beautiful ring trend - carved Agate Druzy rings. They are incredibly beautiful and sparkle like crazy. The myriad color variations are stunning. I simply fell in love with the look - even bought a few. However, after wearing the beauties for a few hours, they felt very heavy and became a bit of a problem. Then inspiration slapped me right in the face. Well, why not make my own Agate Druzy Rings out of my jeweler's grade crystal clear resin?
    My Faux Agate Druzy Resin Rings are just as sparkly and as beautiful as the ones I purchased for quite a penny. They are expensive because they are so pretty and special - each one is a custom piece as no two are ever alike. The same can be said for my rings as no two can be produced exactly alike. I hand fashion each and every ring and each one will have its own personality. I have infused finely ground German Diamond Glass Glitter into the resin to produce a high level of sparkle. Another advantage to my rings is they do not break like agate druzy rings do. I should know, as I have dropped and broken my agate druzy rings - believe me, they shatter! Really sad.
    These rings do take me more time than any of my other designs as there are many, many layers to the overall ring.
    Match your outfit to a custom OOAK Agate Druzy Resin Ring! Just let me know what color or colors you wish to have, and I will create a special custom OOAK Agate Druzy Resin Ring just for you. What Mother Nature did not or could not do for you - I will!
    I am very excited and proud of this new design! I did my research and I could not find anyone else creating this look so there you go - new, new and new!! Be adventurous and be one of the first to show off a brand new design from ResinHeavenUSA - Starlight Pink Druzy Agate Resin Ring.