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Tanzanite Resin Ring

  • Blue gemstones make a smart, edgy jewelry, bright and possibly avant-garde. Blue is an elegant color that sets itself apart from the organic hues, including red, yellow and green. The blue jewels are accordingly associated with modernity, forward-thinking and even royalty. When worn in jewelry, blue gems give a person the look of confident sophistication and bold brilliance.
    Tanzanite, a beautiful blue gemstone was discovered only in 1967 in Tanzania, from which the blue crystal got its name. Though relatively new, tanzanite is quite popular today. In fact, this blue stone has been made the modern birthstone for the month of December.
    This ring design is the second addition to my Jewel Resin Gem Line. I have been inspired by beautiful transparent colorants which mimic gemstones. I create this design with layers of gold leaf, crystal clear jeweler's grade resin, cosmetic grade pigments and transparent jewel-like colorants.
    I have beveled the top to further mimic a gemstone which gives the rings an extra bit of pizazz!
    Your OOAK ring will arrive in a pretty organza bag.